Tiny Thief

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A white-collar criminal in a lovely world


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Tiny Thief is a 2D puzzle, stealth, and platform game where you play a tiny, white-collar thief in the Middle Ages. Your objective is to steal tons of different objects throughout many different levels.

Tiny Thief's gameplay is both simple and fun at the same time. You have to touch the different objects on the screen to interact with them. For example, touching a staircase makes you go up it, while touching the object you want to steal (whether it's a cake or some jewels) lets you grab it.

In each of the more than 15 free levels, you have to try to get three stars. To do so, not only do you have to steal objects, but also find your pet that's hidden in the setting and accomplish secondary objectives.

Tiny Thief is an original, fun puzzle game that, in addition to offering an addicting gameplay, has controls that are perfectly adapted to touch screen devices. Its graphics are also excellent, with really stunning character and setting design.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher